Implementing Delaunay triangulations of the Bolza surface

Support material for SoCG 2017 paper #44

Iordan Iordanov and Monique Teillaud

Source code

The code can be downloaded from the cgal-public-dev repository of CGAL.
Here is a direct link to the branch Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_2-IIordanov and here a direct link to the directory Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_2.
A package will be submitted for integration into CGAL as soon as the documentation is written.


Download appendix.

Maple calculation sheets

Download all Maple sheets in a compressed .zip file.

Alternatively, download separate Maple sheets with calculations for...
...the elements of the fundamental octagon (vertices, midpoints...)
...rational dummy points
...the diameters of the empty disks for the dummy points (algebraic and rational)
...the proof of Theorem 1 in the paper
...the expressions of the translations around a vertex of the fundamental domain
...the algebraic degree of the Orientation predicate
...the algebraic degree of the InCircle predicate
...the algebraic degree of the SideOfOctagon predicate

Triangulations of the Bolza surface with 200 and 500 points