tinygb: tools for Gröbner bases computations.

Tinygb is a library written in C++ which provides software tools for computing grevlex Gröbner bases. In particular, it provides an implementation of the F4 algorithm. It is distributed under the LGPLv3 license.
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rrspace: Effective computations of Riemann-Roch spaces on curves defined over Z/pZ.

rrspace is a software for computing efficiently Riemann-Roch spaces, based on the work done by Aude Le Gluher during her Master's thesis. It also implements arithmetic on Jacobians of such curves. It is distributed under the LGPLv2.1+ license.
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NewtonSLRA: Maple library for numerical Structured Low-Rank Approximation.

Library: NewtonSLRA.tar.gz
Maple source code: NewtonSLRA.mpl approxGCD.mpl matrixCompletion.mpl
Installation, documentation and examples.

This Maple library implements the algorithm NewtonSLRA from the paper A Quadratically Convergent Algorithm for Structured Low-Rank Approximation (joint work with Eric Schost). It also provides routines for univariate approximate GCD and Low-Rank matrix completion based on NewtonSLRA.