Felkel's table of factors (1776)

Perhaps the most cryptic table of factors ever published!

Viète's trigonometrical table (1579)

A remarkable table of trigonometrical functions.

Olivier's construction for non parallel gears (1842)

An interesting example of Metapost reconstruction.

Kissing circles

Construction of Soddy circles using Eppstein's algorithm.

Garrigues' nomogram for Easter (1939)

An interesting example of a nomogram with which Easter can be found.

Schwilgué's adding machine (1844)

The oldest surviving key-driven adding machine.

The art of editing ancient drawings

Accurate drawings with style.

Villarceau circles on a torus

Were they also designed in a staircase?

A cylindrical logarithmic scale

The twilight flower

Embodying the subtleties of twilight in 3D.

Chebyshev's adding machine

This machine uses no carries.

An Easter walk on a sphere

Walking the computus

Genaille-Lucas rods for divisions

Just follow the lines!

Schwilgué's great adding machine

Designed in the 1840s for the manufacturing of precision gears.

Chinese tables of logarithms

18th-century tables based on Vlacq's tables.

Strasbourg's cathedral's sundials

16th-century sundials reconstructed with MetaPost.

All Julian Easter dates on a buoy

A cycle of 532 years.

Schwilgué's 1844 digital counter

The oldest known of this kind.

The suspension of a church bell.

The bell of the Mutte in Metz.

The LOCOMAT project.

Anomalies in the Gregorian calendar.

A new moon will be missing in 16399.

Babbage's difference engine 0

A few pieces in Oxford.

Computing π with TeX