• Senior researcher (DR2) at Inria [October 2021 – …], previously CNRS researcher (tenure position CRCN) [Nov. 2009 – Sept. 2021]
  • Leader of  the Inria Mocqua team.
  • PI of the Quantum Sofware PEPR project EPIQ.
  • Elected Member and Scientific secretary at CoNRS (Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique / CNRS Scientific Board), Section 6 (computer science) [Sept. 2016 – Aug. 2021]
  • Head of the CNRS network on Quantum Computing GT IQ (Groupe de Travail Informatique Quantique). GT IQ is part of the CNRS GdR IM (Groupe de Recherche en Informatique Mathématique)
  • Board of the CNRS network on Quantum Engineering (GdR IQFA).
  • Member of the Inria Challenge project EQIP
  • Member of the Inria Associate team TC(Pro)3


As of October 2021, I am senior researcher (Directeur de Recherche) at Inria. Form 2009 to 2021, I was a `Chargé de Recherche’ (junior researcher, tenure position) at CNRS (INS2Isection 6). From 2009 to 2013, I worked at the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) in the CAPP team. I moved to the CARTE team in LORIA in Sept 2013. I am now the leader of the Inria Mocqua team.
In 2016, I have been elected for 5 years as a member and scientific secretary of section 6 at CoNRS.
I obtained my HDR from Université de Lorraine, my PhD from Laboratoire Leibniz, Grenoble-INP, and my M.Sc from Université Joseph Fourier. I am a former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and of ENSIMAG.

Previous positions:

  • CR CNRS @ Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications (LORIA);
  • CR CNRS @ Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG);
  • Postdoc @ Oxford University Computing Laboratory (OUCL);
  • Postdoc @ Laboratory for Foundation of Computer Science (LFCS), University of Edinburgh;
  • Postdoc @ Laboratoire Preuves, Programmes et Systèmes (PPS), Université Paris Diderot;
  • PhD student @ Laboratoire Leibniz, supervisor: Philippe Jorrand.


On-going projects

  • International
    • NEASQC [2020-2024]  EU Quantum Flagship complementary call.
    • HPCQS [2021-2024] EuroHPC call.
    • STIC-AmSud project QAPLA Quantum aspects of programming languages (21-SITC-10) [2021 – 2022]: Argentina/Chile/France/Uruguay. (site leader)
    • Inria associate team TC(Pro)3 with Austria [2021-2022]
  • National
    • PEPR EPIQ Study of the quantum stack [2022-2027] (Principal Investigator)
    • PEPR NISQ2LSQ [2022-2027]
    • ANR PRCE SoftQPro [2017-2023]: Loria, Atos-Bull, LRI, CEA List, LRI. (Principal Investigator)
    • Défi Inria EQIP [2021-…] (WP leader)

Past projects:

  • ANR PRCI VanQuTe [2017-2022]: France: Loria, Lip6, Singapore: SUTD, NUS, NTU. (site leader)
  • PIA Quantex [2017-2021]: Atos, Loria, LRI, CEA/Leti. (WP leader, site leader)
  • ECOS-Sud QuCa Quantum Calculi. [2018-2020] Argentina/France. (site leader)
  • UOQ project, Future Leader 2018, initiative of Lorraine Universiteé d’Excellence (Principal Investigator)
  • STIC FoQCoSS [2016-2017] Argentina/France. (site leader)
  • PEPS CNRS Combinatorial Quantum Games [2016-2017] (member)
  • ANR JCJC Causaq [2011-2017] (member)
  • PEPS CNRS QuAND [2010-2011] (member)
  • PEPS CNRS GraphIQ [2010-2011] (Principal Investigator)


Best Ph.D. thesis award from Grenoble INP for my [ Ph.D thesis ].


Current PhD students
  • Vivien Vandaele [PhD UL 2021-… / CIFRE ATOS – CNRS] (cosupervised with Simon Martiel and Christophe Vuillot)
  • Nathan Claudet [PhD UL 2022-… / PEPR EPIQ – Inria] (cosupervised with Mathilde Bouvel)
  • Noé Delorme [PhD UL 2023-… / PEPR EPIQ, HQI – Inria]
Former PhD Students
  • Margarita Veshchezerova [PhD UL 2019-2022 / CIFRE EDF – UL] (cosupervised with Marc Porcheron and E. Jeandel)
    -> Now Research Scientist at Terra Quantum (start up, Switzerland)
  • Agustin Borgna [PhD UL 2019-2023 / ANR SoftQPro] (cosupervised with Benoît Valiron)
    -> Now Research Scientist at Quantinuum (start up, Cambridge, UK).
  • Alexandre Clément [PhD UL 2019-2023/ CDSN ENS Lyon]  (cosupervised with Emmanuel Jeandel)
    -> Now Postdoc at at Quacs, LMF.
  • Robert Booth [PhD Sorbonne Université, 2018-2022 / ANR VanQuTe] (cosupervised with Damian Markham)
    -> Now Postdoc at LFCS, Edinburgh
  • Titouan Carette [PhD UL 2018-2021 / CDSN ENS Lyon] (cosupervised with Emmanuel Jeandel)
    -> Now Junior Professor (CPJ) at Ecole Polytechnique / LIX.
  • Renaud Vilmart [PhD UL 2016-2019] (cosupervised with Emmanuel Jeandel)
    -> Now Inria researcher (ISFP) at Quacs, LMF
  • David Cattaneo [PhD Student Grenoble University, defended in 2017] (cosupervised with Pablo Arrighi)
    -> Now research engineer at Alten.
  • Jérôme Javelle [PhD Student Grenoble University, defended in 2014]  (cosupervised with Pablo Arrighi and Mehdi Mhalla)
    -> Now working for a Quantum Computing Start up (UK).
  • Timothée Goubault de Brugière [2021-2022 Quantex/VanQuTe]
    -> Now research scientist at Quandela.
  • Marc De Visme [2020 – 2021 – Quantex]
    > Now Inria researcher (CRCN) in the Inria Quacs team, LMF.
  • Vladimir Zamdzhiev [2018 – 2020 – Quantex and Region Lorraine]
    -> Now Inria researcher (ISFP) in the Inria Mocqua team, LORIA.
  • Francesco Arzani [2018-2019 – ANR VanQuTe]
    -> Now Humboldt Postdoc, Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Harny (Quanlong) Wang [2015-2016 – Postdoc Région Lorraine]
    -> Now Research associate at University of Oxford.


I am interested in Quantum Computing (QC) and more precisely in the Foundational Structures for Quantum Information and Computation. I am working on

  • Models of QC (measurement-based quantum computing, quantum Turing machines)
  • High-level methods for QC (ZX-calculus, circuit optimisation, category theory, semantic techniques, abstract interpretation, typing system)
  • Quantum algorithms (NISQ, QAOA)
  • Graph theory and QC connections (flow, local complementation, graph state)
  • Quantum cryptography (secret sharing)