About me

I am an Inria researcher (CRCN) at Inria center at the Lorraine University in Nancy since January 2023. I joined the CAPSID team at Loria, working on Structural Computational Biology.

I have obtained both my bachelor and master in Computer Engineering from Iran. In 2013, I moved to France for a PhD in Bioinformatics at the Sorbonne Université (Pierre et Marie Curie). My thesis was focused on understanding the role of disease associated mutations by performing Molecular Dynamics simulations (MD) and analysing the conformational dynamics of proteins. During the PhD I have developed two methods (COMMA and Infostery) that allow us to investigate the data from MD simulations in a graph theoretic framework. After that I had a 2-year postdoc at the Université de Paris, focusing on protein modeling. I have developed two methods for loop modeling (DaReUS-Loop) and cyclic peptide design (PEP-Cyclizer). Then I moved to Institut Pasteur for a 5-year postdoc in the group of Pr. Michael Nilges. In Pasteur, I was involved in several interdisciplinary projects, working with biologists and chemists. My main research was focused on understanding the molecular mechanism of infectious disease and drug design.


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