WinSnoori 1.34

Free software for speech analysis


Using tools for investigating speech signals is an invaluable help to teach phonetics and more generally speech  sciences.  For several  years we have undertaken the development of the software WinSnoori which is for both speech scientists as a research tool and teachers in phonetics as an illustration tool. It consists of five types of tools:

In the context of speech sciences WinSnoori can therefore be exploited for many purposes, among them, illustrating speech phenomena and investigating acoustic cues of speech sounds and prosody.

If you are interested in getting the source code of WinSnoori do not hesitate to contact me. Interface has been developed in Borland C++ with OWL library which is not available any more. However, it seems that there exists a modern open version of OWL name OWLNext. If somebody wants to try I can give access to the WinSnoori sources.

In parallel we also developed a Java version of WinSnoori called JSnoori which is more focused on language learning. This version contains new tools and the possibility of writing and using scripts in Jython.

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Snorri was originally developed  on a Masscomp  machine in 1987 [1]. It then was adapted to X11 with the Motif toolkit for Unix machines before being ported on Windows. Snorri is the name of the Unix version and  WinSnoori that of the Windows (95, NT, 98, 2000, XP, Seven) version. The Windows version works fine with Wine on Linux machines.


Yves Laprie

Download WinSnoori 1.34-07 (December 2009)
Download WinSnoori sources (compile with Borland 5.02 on Windows) 
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