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Jean-Baptiste Mouret


+33 (0) 1 44 27 51 06



Postal address

Inria Nancy - Grand Est
615 rue du Jardin Botanique
54600 Villers-lès-Nancy


  • Inria Nancy - Grand Est, équipe LARSEN, France

Secondary affilations

  • CNRS, Loria, UMR 7503, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, F-54500, France
  • Université de Lorraine, Loria, UMR 7503, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, F-54500, France

How to come to our lab?

  • By tram (e.g. from the train station): stop at "Callot" and walk up behind the McDonalds (5-10 min walk)
  • By car: 615 rue du Jardin Botanique. There are two parkings: the one next the main entrance is usually full, the other one has usually many free spots.
  • By bus: line 8, stop at "Grande Corvée", which is very close to the lab (be careful: there is a bus every 30 minutes!) ; unfortunately, the line 8 is not very close to the train station.
Ask for "Jean-Baptiste Mouret" at the front desk (you will need an ID to get a badge).