Open positions

The lab is located in Nancy, France, a nice and lively city in the East of France. The fast train (TGV) allows us to reach the center of Paris in 1.5 hours (Garde de l'Est). The cost of life is much lower in Nancy than in Paris (or other similar cities, like London).

Ph.d. students

If you are a potential Ph.D. student with the possibility to obtain your own funding, send me a research proposal and a CV.

Master/engineer internships

We hire a few interns every year to work on our research projects. Please send a resume and a cover letter that describes why you are interested in our research topic and your background (in French or in English).

Please note that we usually do not take interns for less than 4-5 months (e.g., summer interns).

All internships are paid about 500 euros / month. They are full-time positions in the lab. We can help you to find an accommodation in Nancy but the university do not have rooms that are booked for internships. The official language of the team is English: English-speaking international students are welcomed.

Below are some topics for 2017/2018. Please refer to them if you apply. Most of them include some work on real platform and some work in simulation. All of them can be discussed and adapted to the constraints of the internship.

  • [mechatronics/engineering] Snake-like robots for archaeology
  • [embedded systems/engineering] Low-power remote camera module
  • [UAVs/research] UAV fleet coordination in underground environment [telecommunication, reactive control, learning]
  • [machine learning/legged robotics/research] Repertoire-based model predictive control for adaptive robots (model learning, quality diversity)
  • [machine learning/legged robotics/research] Learning dynamics gaits with the Minitaur robot (quadruped) [model-based reinforcement learning, model predictive control]
  • [machine learning/legged robotics/research] Extending the Intelligent Trial&Error algorithm (Cully et al., 2015) [deep auto-encoders / short internship]
  • [machine learning/legged robotics/research] Combining learning and model predictive control in humanoid robots (iCub) [model-based control, model learning, GPU]
  • [deep learning/research] Simple world models for games
Please apply online here (e-mail applications might be ignored!):"