Welcome to my home page

I am researcher at Inria Paris, in the HeKA team.
and associate professor at the University of Lorraine, on secondment.
My lighter home page is here.

My research interest goes to data-driven and knowledge-guided processes
for knowledge discovery and predictive modelling in biomedicine.

     Knowledge discovery can be defined as the process of identifying
     new and relevant knowledge units from large amount of data.

     Predictive modelling aims at predicting outcomes,
     on the basis of previously/elsewhere observed variables.

I use these computer and data science approaches, plus healthcare data,
to study drug response variability.

My CV: in French, on Dec. 2020, — in English, on June, 2021.


+ I was member of the Orpailleur group, at the LORIA – INRIA Nancy-Grand Est, until 2020
+ I was teaching Data sciences and AI approaches at TELECOM Nancy, from 2010 to 2020.
+ I obtained my habilitation in 2019 (manuscript, slides).
+ I was visiting researcher in the Shah Lab at Stanford University (2017-19).
+ I was postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR) (2008-10).
+ I did my PhD training at the INRIA, in Nancy, France (manuscript).