PhD Student in BIRD team, LORIA. 

Title: « Design of a News Recommender Systems to Open Opinion Bubbles »
(Defense planned in September 2024)

Supervisors: Armelle BRUN, Sylvain Castagnos 


Welcome to my personal page! I’m a PhD student since October 2021, in the BIRD Team (LORIA), at the University of Lorraine (France). My PhD thesis is about News Recommender Systems and Opinion Bubbles, a very interesting topic related to many challenges from multiple disciplines, and that I am very excited to work on. It’s part of the ANR-BOOM project (2021-2024). In 2020/2021, I had the opportunity to work in the same team for a year as part of my Master’s Degree, during which I worked in the field of learning analytics.

I’m very interested in Artificial Intelligence, and more particularly in the integration of human aspects when developing AI solution. My research interests include: machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, user modeling, learning analytics, recommender systems. Of course, I am very excited to discover new research topics.

Do not hesitate to contact me by mail, I will be delighted to exchange with you!

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