Professor in Computer Science at Université de Lorraine (from September 2022) – HDR  in Computer Science (section CNU 27). Previously Associate Professor in Computer Science at Université de Lorraine (from 2003 to 2022).

Head of the BIRD research team at LORIA lab, PI of the ANR BOOM (2020-2024) project.

Teaching at IDMC (Institute of Digital Sciences, Management and Cognition), head of the 2nd year of Master in Cognitive Sciences (2012-2018: head of the Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science applied to Social and Human Sciences)

My research interests are: artificial intelligence, including user modelling: preferences and behavior for diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive modelling, with a specific focus on the design of recommender systems. My approach relies on machine learning and data mining.

I am currently the co-adviser of the following PhD students:

  • Ikram Gagaoua « Conception d’un méta-modèle apprenant » Thèse CIFRE. Defence planned in March 2025.
  • Célina Treuillier « News Recommender Systems to Open Opinion Bubbles ». Defence planned in October 2024.
  • Nicolas Hubert  » Recommender system for educational orientation ». Defence planned in October 2024.
  • Evan Dufraisse « Hybrid representation of polarising topics in political news ». Defence planned in March 2024.
  • Patrick Asante Owusu « Causal inference for recommendation ». International co-tutelle with  Université de Sherbrooke (Québec), co-advised by Pr. Shengrui Wang. Defence planned in November 2023.
  • Alexandre Bettinger « Recommandation multi-acteurs pour la consommation de livres numériques en éducation ». Defence planned in November 2022.

Past Phd students:

  • Zhao Zhang  » Towards hybrid and explainable recommender systems mixing content analysis and collaborative filtering ». Defended in July 2022.
  • Adrien Dufraux « Leveraging Noisy, Incomplete, or Implicit Labels for Automatic Speech Recognition ». Defended in April 2022.
  • Halima Ramdani « Optimization e-recruitment process ». Defended in December 2021.
  • Julie Budaher  » Sequential Pattern Generalization for Mining Multi-source Data ». Defended in December 2020.
  • Yacine Abboud « Fouille de motifs : entre accessibilité et robustesse ». Defended in November 2018.
  • Benjamin Gras « Modeling atypical users in recommender systems ». Fefended in January 2018.
  • Oleksandr Palchenko « Algorithms and information technology to search similar objects in Big Data ». PhD stopped after 1 year.
  • Marharyta Aleksandrova « Matrix factorisation and contrats analysis for recommandation ». French-Ukraine PhD. Defended in July 2017.
  • Lina Fahed « Predicting and Influencing the occurrence of events in a complex sequence ». Defended in October 2016.
  • Geoffray Bonnin « sequential approaches in recommender systems for Web navigation ». Defended in November 2010.
  • Ilham Esslimani « a behavioral approach of the recommendation and social networks as a representation tool ». Defended in December 2010.