I was involved in European project:
  • SAM (Speech Assessment Methodologies),
  • AITRAS (An Intelligent Real Time System for Signal Understanding),
  • ROARS (RObust Analytical speech Recognition System),
  • HIWIRE (Human Input that Works In Real Environments),
  • ALLEGRO (Adaptative Language Learning technology for the Greater Region).
I was involved in national projects:
  • Storeco (RIAM),
  • Neologos (Technolangue),
  • ST&TAP (technology for disabled person)
  • ContNomina (Exploitation of context for proper names recognition in the diachronic audio documents)
I participated in the evaluation campaigns Ester (Technolangue) and Etape (ANR) for broadcastnews transcription.
I am  co-author of
  • ANTS (Automatic News Transcription System)
  • Starap (toolkit to help the making of sub-titles for TV shows)
  • ASTALI (Automatic Speech-Text ALIgnment))