Emmanuel Jeandel

How to contact

Address Emmanuel Jeandel
Campus Scientifique - BP 239
Tel. +33 3 54 95 84 22
Mail emmanuel.jeandel AT loria.fr

Current students

  • Alexandre Guernut (cosupervised with Christophe Vuillot) who is working on quantum error correcting codes.
  • Benjamin Testart (cosupervised with Mathilde Bouvel) who is working on permutations avoiding patterns.

Former students


  • Djamel Eddine Amir (cosupervised with Mathieu Hoyrup) who worked on computability of 2D sets. He is currently ATER at Université de Lorraine.
  • Alexandre Clement (cosupervised with Simon Perdrix) who worked on beam splitters. He is currently postdoc at Inria Saclay.
  • Margarita Veshchezerova (cosupervised with Simon Perdrix) and EDF, who worked on quantum optimization algorithms. She is now working in the private sector
  • Titouan Carette (cosupervised with Simon Perdrix) who worked on multiple-resolution diagrammatical reasoning. He is currently assistant professor Monge at Ecole Polytechnique
  • Renaud Vilmart (cosupervised with Simon Perdrix) worked on diagrammatical reasoning for quantum computation. He is currently an Inria researcher (ISFP) in Paris.
  • Pascal Vanier (2009-2013) worked on the computational complexity of invariants of tilings. He is currently a professor in Caen.
  • Alexis Ballier (2006-2009) worked on structural and descriptive aspects of tilings. He is now working in the private sector.

Master’s Degree

Richard Nguyen (2010) , Pascal Vanier (2009), Arinta Primandini Auza (2016), Renaud Vilmart (2016), David Zonneveld (2017), Amaury Saint-Jore (2020), Liliane Joy-Dandy (2021),

Undergraduate Degree

(Research internships only) Pierre-Etienne Meunier (2007), Bastien le Gloannec (2008), Nicolas Rolin (2010), Theo Joffroy (2023).