Emmanuel Thomé — Awards


  • 2014: Eurocrypt 2014 Best paper award, for the paper on the quasi-polynomial discrete logarithm algorithm.
  • 2014: Grand prix de la recherche 2014, awarded by Association des Amis de l’Université de Lorraine
  • 2012: Prix La recherche 2012 (no publicly accessible link that I know of), awarded for the RSA-768 factoring record, among other works by the group.
  • 2011: The article An $L(1/3)$ Discrete Logarithm Algorithm for Low Degree Curves has been published in Journal of Cryptology as an IACR Distinguished paper (I am coauthoring only the journal version).
  • 2010: Grid'5000 award related to the solving of the RSA-768 matrix on Grid'5000.
  • 2003: Prix de thèse de l’école polytechnique.