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The lab is located in Nancy, France, a nice and lively city in the East of France. The fast train (TGV) allows us to reach the center of Paris in 1.5 hours (Garde de l'Est). The cost of life is much lower in Nancy than in Paris (or other similar cities, like London).

Post-doc: learning to walk with the iCub robot

We are is seeking for a highly qualified postdoctoral researcher with strong interests in one or more of the following research topics:
  • machine learning for robotics (especially, direct policy search in reinforcement learning);
  • humanoid locomotion;
  • optimal control theory

Please relate clearly to at least one or more of these topics in your Research Statement. The candidates are expected to contribute to the ResiBots ERC project (see below). Successful candidates can furthermore be given the opportunity to work with undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

Ph.d. students

If you are a potential Ph.D. student with the possibility to obtain your own funding, send me a research proposal and a CV.

Master/engineer internships

We hire a few interns every year to work on our research projects. Please send a resume and a cover letter that describes why you are interested in our research topic and your background (in French or in English).

All internships are paid 508.20 euros / month when they are no national holiday, a bit less for the other months. They are full-time positions in the lab. We can help you to find an accomodation in Nancy. The official language of the team is Enlglish: English-speaking international students are welcomed.

For all the internships, students are expected to have at least basic skills in:
  • Machine learning
  • Interest for robotics and hardware devices
  • C++ programming (ideally, C++-11)