Trial-and-Error Learning of Repulsors for Humanoid QP-based Whole-Body Control

Spitz J., Bouyarmane K., Ivaldi S., Mouret J.-B. (2017) Trial-and-Error Learning of Repulsors for Humanoid QP-based Whole-Body Control. Proc. of IEEE Humanoids.

Black-box Data-efficient Policy Search for Robotics (Black-DROPS)

K. Chatzilygeroudis, R. Rama, R. Kaushik, D. Goepp, V. Vassiliades, J.-B Mouret (2017). Black-Box Data-efficient Policy Search for Robotics.
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
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Robots that can adapt like animals (Nature cover article)

Cully, A., Clune, J., Tarapore, D., and Mouret, J.-B. Robots that can adapt like animals., Nature 521.7553. 2015 [pdf]
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The Creadapt Robot

T-Resilience: fast resilience in robotics

S. Koos, A. Cully and J.-B. Mouret. Fast Damage Recovery in Robotics with the T-Resilience Algorithm, International Journal of Robotics Research. 2013. [pdf]

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TBR-learning: learning a full behavioral repertoire

The evolutionary origins of modularity

Clune, Jeff* and Mouret, Jean-Baptiste* and Lipson, Hod (2013). The evolutionary origins of modularity.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Vol 280 Pages 20122863. [ PDF | DOI | BIB | Supplementary material ]
[*Jeff Clune and Jean-Baptiste Mouret contributed equally to this work]

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Crossing the reality gap: the transferability approach

Koos, S.and Mouret, J.-B.and Doncieux, S. (2013). The Transferability Approach: Crossing the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Robotics.
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. Vol 17 No 1 Pages 122 - 145 . [ PDF| DOI| BIB]

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Behavioral diversity: faster and better evolutionary algorithms

Mouret, J.-B. and Doncieux, S. (2012). Encouraging Behavioral Diversity in Evolutionary Robotics: an Empirical Study.
Evolutionary Computation. Vol 20 No 1 Pages 91-133. [ PDF | BIB ]

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Evolution of neuro-controllers for a flapping wing robot

Mouret, J.-B. and Doncieux, S. and Meyer, J.-A. (2006). Incremental Evolution of Target-Following Neuro-controllers for Flapping-Wing Animats.
From Animals to Animats: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (SAB). Pages 606--618. Rome, Italy.
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Multi-Objective Landscape Exploration