I am a CNRS researcher, working in the CARAMBA team at LORIA in Nancy, France.

Research interests:

  • Elliptic and hyperelliptic curves for cryptography (point counting, discrete logarithm, efficient group law);
  • Integer factorization (in particular the Number Field Sieve algorithm);
  • Discrete logarithm problem in finite fields;
  • Electronic voting.


Short vita:

  • Born in 1973, French citizenship
  • PhD defended in 2000, at École polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, under the supervision of François Morain
  • Hired as a junior CNRS researcher (Chargé de recherche) in 2000 at LIX, École polytechnique
  • Moved to LORIA, Nancy, France in 2005
  • Habilitation (HdR) defended in 2008, at Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy
  • CNRS researcher (Directeur de recherche) in 2010, at LORIA