Since November 1st 2002, I am research scientist (Chargé de Recherche, CR) at INRIA (INRIA Nancy — Grand Est, LORIA Lab) as member of the research team Sémagramme (formerly Calligramme). My CV (in French) is available here.

Research Interests


I am the main developper of ACGtk, the ACG develpment toolkit.

Scientific Animation and Grants

2009—2012 Head of the Commission des Développements Technologiques (CDT) of the Nancy Inria Research Center
2009— Member of the editorial board of the journal Traitement Automatique des Langues
2009—2010 Principal investigator of the INRIA collaborative research project (ARC) CAuLD
2011— Member of the steering committee of the LACL conferences
2011—2013 Local coordinator for the Erasmus Mundus master in Language and Communitation Technology (LCT), University of Lorraine
2012—2016 Principal investigator of the Polymnie ANR project

Committee Membership