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Dr. Sahbi SIDHOM  ( is a full Assistant Professor  at Université de Lorraine (France) and affiliated with the LORIA Research Lab. (Laboratoire Lorrain en Informatique et ses Applications) in the Team KIWI (Knowledge, Information and Web Intelligence) :

  • As an assistant  professor, my lectures include  the various facets, from document (ie. heterogeneous content: text, image, audiovisual, multimedia) analysis, processing and indexing in databases,  to knowledge representation, visualization and organization, and using methodological, technological and programmatic aspects.

  • As a  researcher, my domain of interest includes mainly « data, information & knowledge » modelling, processing and support,  NLP for document indexing and reindexing by users, collective intelligence in decision-making process, Information retreival and Economic intelligence (or Competitive Intelligence) systems.