I am co-Founder & President of academic conferences:

I was involved in International & European projects:

  • DEBORA® project : Digital accEss to Books of the RenAissance (
  • ERUDIT®,  MILANO® & BALAENA© projects: Banques de Renseignements en Langage Naturel (France Télécom R&D Lannion – Technopole Anticipa).
  • TORJOMAN® project: système de traduction assistée par ordinateur anglais-arabe, compilation et analyse du langage naturel, sémantique dans la conception des dictionnaires de traduction (

My own projects:

  • SIMBAD Platform (Multimedia Indexing System Based on Document Analysis):
    1. sys.index for automatic indexing (SIMBAD1),
    2. sys.dico for dictionaries (SIMBAD2),
    3. sys.RI for information retreival (SIMBAD3),
    4. sys.annot for annotation (SIMBAD4),
    5. sys.SBC for knowledge organization & decision (SIMBAD5),
    6. in progress : sys.cQA for Community Question-Answering in strategic watch projects (SIMBAD6).