PhD Students

Current student

  • Haetham Al Aswad started his PhD in October 2021. He is co-supervised with Emmanuel Thomé.

Former student

  • Gabrielle De Micheli. 2018-2021. I was the coadvisor of Gabrielle's thesis together with Pierrick Gaudry. Her manuscript is untitled "Discrete Logarithm Cryptanalyses: Number Field Sieve and Lattice Tools for Side-Channel Attacks." Gabrielle works on public key cryptography, she is interested in hard problems at the intersection of math and crypto such as discrete logarithms or lattice constructions.

Undergraduate Students

I was the advisor of the internships of:
  • Haetham Al Aswad - 2021
  • Rémi Piau - 2019
  • Eloan Rapion - 2018