I am Chuyuan (Lisa), a Ph.D. student at Sémagramme LORIA since October 2019.

I have foreign language and business background. Set foot in NLP since 2017 when I started the Master of Linguistique Informatique at Paris Diderot. I am now a Ph.D. candidate, specialised in Formal and statistical dialogue modeling. My supervisors are Dr. Maxime Amblard and Dr. Chloé Braud.

I have conducted research on predicting schizophrenia patients from a French oral dataset with thorough linguistic features and classical classification algorithms, with some interesting results! (paper TALN 2020, talk Journée TLH et Santé). I am now exploring two aspects of dialogue analysis: leverage multi-task learning on different levels of information in dialogue (SIGDial 2022); apply dialogue discourse parsing with distantly supervised strategies (to appear, fingers crossed).

“Discourse is where the magic happens.” — Crible and Degand (2019)

I speak French, English, and Chinese. Nature lover, passionate about outdoor activities and cooking.

I play Pipa when I am bored; I swim when I am down — which I do quite often lately :)))