I am Chuyuan 李楚源. Usually, I go by Lisa.

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at LORIA (Université de Lorraine) under the supervision of Dr. Maxime Amblard and Dr. Chloé Braud. I earned my Master’s in Computational Linguistique from Université Paris Cité (Paris Diderot). Prior to that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in China, majoring in French Language & Literature, and my Master’s in Strategy & Management of International Business in Paris.

My research interests lie in computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing, including discourse processing, dialogue analysis, and language specificity detection (for instance consistency checking, bias, language in people with cognitive impairment). I am keen to apply discourse information in NLP downstream applications.

I have conducted research on predicting Schizophrenia patients from a French oral dataset with specific linguistic features and classical classification algorithms, with some interesting results! (paper TALN 2020, talk Journée TLH et Santé). I have also worked on depression detection in dialogues leveraging different levels of information with multi-task learning framework (paper SIGDial 2022). My current focus is semi-/un- supervised approaches for discourse parsing in dialogues (paper EACL 2023). Here is my one-page research summary.

“Discourse is where the magic happens.” — Crible and Degand (2019)

I speak French, English, and Chinese. Nature lover, passionate about outdoor activities and traveling.

I play Pipa when I am bored; I swim when I am down — which I do pretty often lately :)))


NEW: I am looking for a post-doctoral position starting in autumn 2023.