Maxime Amblard

Professor in Computer Science – NLP – at University of Lorraine,

Teaching at IDMC – Natural Language Processing, Programming and Algorithms

Research Activities at Inria and LORIA: member of the Semagramme Team (Univ. Lorraine, Inria, CNRS)

Research topic: Dialogue, Discourse and Semantics of Natural Language

  • Natural Language Processing (symbolic, machine learning and deep learning)
  • Oral Data: Speech processing, French Corpora development focus on natural interactions: interviews of patients with schizophrenia (SLAM/ODIM), board game (DinG)
  • Semantics: Semantic modeling, French version of the FraCas ressources, Semantic ressources produce with rewriting methods with Grew
  • Ethic in NLP and AI

I am (currently):

  • Teaching:
  • Research:
    • Co-leader of the MePheSTo project (join project Inria-DFKI on automatic analysis of mental illness)
    • Co-leader of ongoing application ‘Olki2.0’ project (I-SITE LUE)
    • Co-editor of the revue TAL
    • Chair of IWCS 2023

I am also very active at the union level, especially at the national level for the issue of research.