Maxime Amblard

Lecturer (maître de conférences) in Computer Science at University of Lorraine.

Teaching at IDMC, head of the master in NLP,
Natural Language Processing, Programming and Algorithms

Research Activities at Inria and LORIA  : member of the Semagramme Inria/LORIA Project Team
I develop a logical framework for Dialogue, Discourse and Semantics of Natural Language:

  • Corpora of natural interactions, one of interviews of patients with schizophrenia (SLAM), one on board game (DinG), both based on hand-made transcriptions and French
  • Automatic analysis of the SLAM corpus with formal approaches and learning methods
  • The French version of the FraCas ressources (entailments problems)
  • The use of rewriting methods with Grew, especially to produce semantics data

I am (currently):

  • Head of the master in Natural Language Processing
  • Co-leader of the MePheSTo project (join project Inria-DFKI on automatic analysis of mental illness)
  • Leader of the AeX (Inria action exploratoire) ODiM
  • Member of :
    • the Scientific Council of Lorraine University (including board)
    • IDMC council
  • Co-leader of the workpackage on NLP of the OLKI project (2M€)
  • Member of the editorial board of TAL
  • Vice-scientific head of