Lecturing activity at the Institut des Sciences du Digital Management & Cognition (IDMC), Université de Lorraine


  • Autonomous agents in ROS (Master CS, 1st year)
  • Keywords: robot operating system (ROS), simulation, localisation, motion planning, sensorimotor control of robots.

  • Computational neurosciences (Master CS, 2nd year)
  • Keywords: Hodgkin-Huxley formalism, spiking neurons, network modeling, plasticity, population modeling, dynamic neural field theory.

  • Document structuring (Master MIAGE, 1st year)
  • Keywords: NoSQL databases, XML, JSON, JAVA.

  • Systems (Master MIAGE, 1st year)
  • Keywords: parallelism and synchronization, real-time systems, LINUX.

  • Operative Systems (Bachelor MIASHS, 3rd year)
  • Keywords: process management, main memory Management, I/O Device Management, LINUX.

Other responsibilities

  • Coordinator of 3rd year internships (bachelor program MIASHS)