ABZ2020 – 7th International Conference on Rigorous State Based Methods

The ABZ conference is dedicated to the cross-fertilization of state-based and machine-based formal methods, like Abstract State Machines (ASM), Alloy, B, TLA, VDM and Z, that share a common conceptual foundation and are widely used in both academia and industry for the design and analysis of hardware and software systems. The conference aims for a vital exchange of knowledge and experience among the research communities around different formal methods.

Important Dates

  • Workshop proposal : 01.11.19
  • Tutorial proposal : 16.02.20
  • Case study abstract : 29.11.19
  • Paper abstract : 13.01.20
  • Conference : 25. – 29.05.20

Case Study

As successfully practiced at ABZ 2014, ABZ 2016, and ABZ 2018, the 7th edition of ABZ will include again special sessions dedicated to a shared real-life case study. The objective of this session is to enrich the set of case studies developed with ABZ methods with a practical and real-life case study. After the success of the “Landing Gear” case study at ABZ 2014 in the aeronautical context, the « Hemodialysis Machine » case study at ABZ 2016 in the medical domain, and the « Hybrid ERTMS/ETCS » at ABZ 2018 in the railway domain, this time we defined a real-life case study issued from the automotive domain.



Dominique Méry

Dominique Méry est professeur à l'Université de Lorraine affecté à Telecom Nancy et exerce sa recherche au sein du LORIA.