Research and Innovation Action (RIA) NEASQC:
NExt ApplicationS of Quantum Computing
Coordinator: Atos (Bull SA)
Call: H2020-FETFLAG-2020-01
Time span: 2020-2024
EU Contribution: 4 600 000 €

The NEASQC (NExt ApplicationS of Quantum Computing) project brings together academic experts and industrial end-users to investigate and develop a new breed of Quantum-enabled applications that can take advantage of NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) systems in the near future. NEASQC is use-case driven, addressing practical problems such as drug discovery, CO2 capture, smart energy management, natural language processing, breast cancer detection, probabilistic risk assessment for energy infrastructures or inventory management.

NEASQC has the ambition to initiate an active European Community around NISQ Quantum Computing by providing a common toolset that will attract new industrial users.

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Etude de la pile quantique : Algorithmes, modèles de calcul et simulation pour l’informatique quantique / Study of the quantum stack: Algorithm, models, and simulation for
quantum computing
Coordinator: Simon Perdrix
Time span: 2022-2027
Contribution 13 000 000 €

The EPiQ project studies all of the logical building blocks needed for a quantum processor to function properly (compilation, manipulation, optimization, intermediary languages, certification, etc.), by identifying constraints and better simulating actual machines, in an effort to develop new algorithms that can surpass today’s capacities in fields such as machine learning, optimization, and chemistry.

ANR-17-CE25-0009 SoftQPro:
Software-based quantum program and resource optimisation
Coordinator: Simon Perdrix
Time span: 2018-2022

SoftQPro is a research project in computer science that is jointly developed by several academic partners and industrial partners in France (Atos-Bull and CEA).

The goal is to bridge the theoretical approaches of quantum computing and technological efforts, by developing a full, and certified, compilation chain in order to program the quantum computer.

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ANR-14-CE25-0005 Elica:
Expanding Logical Ideas for Complexity Analysis
Coordinator: Damiano Mazza
Time span: 2014-2019

Elica is a research project in computer science jointly developed by several academic partners in France and Italy.

Financial support is provided by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), under contract number ANR-14-CE25-0005. Elica was selected as part of ANR’s 2014 call for projects, under the program Fondements du numérique.

The aim of Elica is to develop logical methods for static complexity analysis, improve their expressiveness and extend their application to non-deterministic and concurrent programming paradigms.

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