I am an Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) of Computer Science at TELECOM Nancy at the University of Lorraine. I am member of Capsid research team (Inria – CNRS) at the Lorraine Laboratory of Research in Computer Science and its Applications (LORIA). Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland and as a research fellow at the University of Trento in Italy. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Blaise Pascal University, France in 2013. My research interests include Big Data Management and Analytics, Data Mining, machine learning and Bioinformatics.


I gave a talk on « Dynamic Graph Analysis with BLADYG » at « the GDRI workshop on Web Science » in Rio De Janeiro.

Our paper « An Experimental Survey on Big Data Frameworks » has been accepted at the 10th Extremely Large Databases Conference (XLDB) 2017 for a lightning talk.

I’m co-chairing the workshop Large-Scale Time Dependent Graphs (TD-LSG)  in conjunction with ECML PKDD 2017 (the premier European machine learning and data mining conference)

Our paper « A Distributed Framework for Large-Scale Time-Dependent Graph Analysis » has been accepted at TDLSTG@ECML-PKDD 2017.

Our paper « Neighborhood-Based Label Propagation in Large Protein Graphs » has been accepted at Function SIG@ISMB-ECCB, 2017.

Our paper « Automatic Generation of Functional Annotation Rules Using Inferred GO-Domain Associations » has been accepted at Function SIG@ISMB-ECCB, 2017.

Our paper « BLADYG: A Graph Processing Framework for Large Dynamic Graphs » has been accepted for publication in Big Data Research, Elsevier!

Our paper « MR-SimLab: Scalable Subgraph Selection with Label Similarity for Big Data » has been accepted for publication in Information Systems, Elsevier!

My IEEE MOOC on « Big Data for Smart Cities » is out !

  • Institution: IEEEx
  • Instructors: Dr. Sabeur Aridhi and Pr. Yannis Velegrakis
  • Length: 4 weeks

My Book on Big Data is out !

Title: Bases de données NoSQL et Big Data : Concevoir des bases de données pour le Big Data.
Editeur : Ellipses, ISBN : 2340002613, Décembre 2014.

I’m making the NEWS with my book on Big Data (the article is in french!)