I am an Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) of Computer Science at TELECOM Nancy at the University of Lorraine. I am member of Capsid research team (Inria – CNRS) at the Lorraine Laboratory of Research in Computer Science and its Applications (LORIA). Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland and as a research fellow at the University of Trento in Italy. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Blaise Pascal University, France in 2013. My research interests include Big Data Management and Analytics, Data Mining, machine learning and Bioinformatics.


October 2018 Our paper « Exploiting Complex Protein Domain Networks for Protein Function Annotation » has been accepted for publication at Complex Networks 2018 in Cambridge !

October 2018 Our paper « The Uncertain Cloud: State of the Art and Research Challenges » has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Elsevier!

August 2018 We are editing a special issue of Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) journal, Elsevier on « Advances in Managing and Mining time varying and highly dynamic graphs at scale ». Please submit your paper here!

July 2018 Our paper « A Comparative Study on Streaming Frameworks for Big Data » has been accepted for publication at LaDAS@VLDB 2018 in Rio De Janeiro !

April 2018 Our paper « An Experimental Survey on Big Data Frameworks » has been accepted for publication in Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier !

I’m co-chairing the second edition of the International workshop on  Advances in Mining Large-Scale Time Dependent Graphs (TD-LSG)  in conjunction with VLDB 2018

I gave a talk on « Dynamic Graph Analysis with BLADYG » at « the GDRI workshop on Web Science » in Rio De Janeiro.

Our paper « An Evolutionary Scheme for Decision Tree Construction » received a Honourable Mention in the 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Award.

Our paper « An Experimental Survey on Big Data Frameworks » has been accepted at the 10th Extremely Large Databases Conference (XLDB) 2017 for a lightning talk.

Our paper « A Distributed Framework for Large-Scale Time-Dependent Graph Analysis » has been accepted at TDLSTG@ECML-PKDD 2017.

Our paper « BLADYG: A Graph Processing Framework for Large Dynamic Graphs » has been accepted for publication in Big Data Research, Elsevier!

Our paper « MR-SimLab: Scalable Subgraph Selection with Label Similarity for Big Data » has been accepted for publication in Information Systems, Elsevier!

My IEEE MOOC on « Big Data for Smart Cities » is out !

  • Institution: IEEEx
  • Instructors: Dr. Sabeur Aridhi and Pr. Yannis Velegrakis
  • Length: 4 weeks

My Book on Big Data is out !

Title: Bases de données NoSQL et Big Data : Concevoir des bases de données pour le Big Data.
Editeur : Ellipses, ISBN : 2340002613, Décembre 2014.

I’m making the NEWS with my book on Big Data (the article is in french!)