Signal Processing Cup 2019

I had the pleasure and honour to initiate and coordinate the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2019 on the theme « Search & Rescue with Drone-Embedded Sound Source Localization ». The SPCup is an international competition aiming at promoting real world applications of signal processing amongst undergraduate students . It took place from November the 14th 2018 to May the 13th 2019.

The three finalist teams of the SPCup 2019 at ICASSP, Brighton, UK.

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Serbia Science Festival 2018

From November 29th to December 1st, I had the great joy and honor to introduce a young audience to some of the science behind robots, artificial intelligence and sounds at the 12th edition of Serbia Science Festival (Festival Nauke). I gave four lectures each in front of 450 people, most of them pupils between 5 and 15 years old. The slides of the presentation can be found here.