Signal Processing Cup 2019

I had the pleasure and honour to initiate and coordinate the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2019 on the theme « Search & Rescue with Drone-Embedded Sound Source Localization ». The SPCup is an international competition aiming at promoting real world applications of signal processing amongst undergraduate students . It took place from November the 14th 2018 to May the 13th 2019.

The three finalist teams of the SPCup 2019 at ICASSP, Brighton, UK.

The goal was for participating teams to build a system capable of localizing a sound source based on audio recordings made with a microphone array embedded in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The first phase of the competition was open to teams of undergraduate students and ended on March the 11th 2019, while the final took place at ICASSP (Birghton, UK) on May the 13th 2019 between the three finalist teams. The data used in both phases was based on the DREGON dataset which we recently released.

The data of the competition, including the ground truth, evaluation scripts and baseline, are now publicly available on the DREGON website.

In addition, the website now hosts UAV-embedded recordings of drone egonoise that the participants sent. Annotated noise-only recordings from 11 different drones using microphone arrays of 1 to 16 channels are freely available there. Go check them out!