The Adventures of Robi the Robot 2019

In 2019, I continued to use Robi the Robot to demonstrate to young audiences some of the science behind robot audition and artificial intelligence. Robi is essentially a Microsoft Kinect mounted on a Turtlebot. It looks like this:

With the help of team LARSEN, I developed on it a sound source localisation demo using the 4 microphones of the Kinect, making Robi spin towards sounds in its environment. After presenting it at the Serbia Science Festival 2018, I took it to different classes and events in 2019:

  • 5 different classes from 5th grade (CM2) to 12th grade (Terminal) in different primary schools, collèges and lycée of the Nancy area in January. This emerged from a partnership with the theatre La Manufacture around the theatre play Robots.
  • The Nuit des Chercheurs of Belgrade (Serbia).
  • 4 different school classes in different cities of Serbia (Novi-Sad, Zrenjanin, Belgrade).
  • The Fête de la Sciences 2019 of Nancy (October 11th and 12th).
  • The special edition of Nuit des Chercheurs in Nancy celebrating the 80th anniversary of CNRS.

Here are some pictures of my adventures with Robi: