Claire Gardent

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Before becoming a scientist, I trained race horses in Ireland, trapped possums in New Zealand and herded sheep on the German moors. In Geneva where I later went to become an interpretor, I met Maghi King who finally put order into my life and send me to the UK to study for a Master in Intelligence Knowledge Based Systems at Essex University.  I did my Master research under Ann de Roeck's supervision and moved on to Edinburgh to do my PhD. There, I was hired by Gabriel Bès (U. de Clermont Ferrand, France) to work on the EU funded ACORD project on parsing and generating with Unification Categorial Grammar. In my thesis on the other hand I investigated  the syntactic, semantic and computational properties of verbal ellipsis and was supervised by Ewan Klein and Robin Cooper. After leaving Edinburgh, I worked in Amsterdam  and Utrecht on EU funded projects and in Saarbrücken on German funded ones (LISA, InDiGen). Finally, in 2000, Jean-Marie Pierrel suggested I apply for a CNRS position and since then I have been in Nancy working at LORIA and redirecting my research to help promote french NLP. Along the way, I gave birth to three wonderful daughters: Jennifer, Gabrielle and Caroline. On tuesdays at 12 a.m, when I am not sitting in a meeting, away at a conference or nursing a sick child at home, I can be found  teaching Iyengar yoga at LORIA. For this, I thank Clé Souren, my teacher in Amsterdam.

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