I work mainly with team Sémagramme at laboratory LORIA, Nancy.

The overall objective of the Sémagramme project is to design and develop new unifying logic-based models, methods, and tools for the semantic analysis of natural language utterances and discourses. This includes the logical modeling of pragmatic phenomena related to discourse dynamics. Typically, these models and methods will be based on standard logical concepts (stemming from formal language theory, mathematical logic, and type theory), which should make them easy to integrate.

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I also work with team Melodi at laboratory IRIT, Toulouse.

MELODI members’ research connects natural language analysis and formalization on the one hand and knowledge modeling and representation on the other hand. The team relies on a variety of research approaches, from theoretical study of the linguistic grounding of semantics and its formal representation, of interaction and discourse structures, to more experimental work based on software developments, on building resources (such as annotated corpora, lexica or ontologies) and corpus-based experiments.

Some research scientists that I work with:

  • Philippe Muller
  • Nicholas Asher
  • Chloé Braud (My Ph.D. supervisor)