Language resources and ethics for NLP


Our paper « French CrowS-Pairs: Extending a challenge dataset for measuring social bias in masked language models to a language other than English » has been accepted to ACL 2022! See you in Dublin!

I have the great honour to be appointed co-chair of the newly created ACL ethics committee, with Min Yen Kan and Yulia Tsvetkov, a great team! This is very exciting and already a lot of work to be done!


I was invited to give a talk on ethics in NLP at the IXXI seminar on June 10th, 2022: Éthique et TAL : ce dont on parle, ce dont on ne parle plus, ce dont on ne parle pas (un état de l’art)

I’ll participate to the tutorial on on Ethics in AI and human-machine interaction at the 23rd ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, on Oct. 18th, 2021. My slides are here.

I’m invited to give a lecture on Ethics and NLP at DiLCO on Oct. 8th. Video.

I’m invited to give a talk on Ethics and AI (a view from NLP) at the noon webinar of SAILS, in Leiden, on Sept. 27, 2021. Video.

The book Sorbonnavirus has been published. The Sorbonne IRB wrote an article about our work during the COVID crisis.

I’m co-organizing the Games and Natural Language Processing Special Session at IEEE CoG 2021, please have a look and do not hesitate to send a paper!

Our tutorial on reviewing has been accepted at EACL 2021 and will be taught on April 20th.

The same tutorial has been accepted at TALN 2021 and will be partially given in French.

Chris Cieri, Chris Callison-Burch and myself were invited to present a seminar on crowdsourcing at the Cognition and Language seminar of Univ. de Lorraine (April 14th). Video.

I was invited (with Chris Cieri, LDC) by Chris Callison-Burch to participate as guest speaker in his Crowdsourcing and Human Computation class at Univ. of Pennsylvania (Feb. 11th).


Member of Sorbonne Université IRB (comité d’éthique, CER@SU)

Member of CNU 27 : presentation (fr) on CNU (27) and qualifications for Maître de conférences

Management Committee member, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME) COST action

Member of the GDR LIFT (Linguistique Informatique, Formelle et de Terrain)

Research interests