Karl Tombre

Professor (in computer science) at Université de Lorraine


1983 DEA d'Informatique - Master's degree in computer science
1987 Doctorat en Informatique de l'INPL (Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine) - PhD in computer science
1996 Habilitation à diriger des recherches, université Henri Poincaré Nancy 1 - Habilitation degree, for access to professor position

Positions held

NB: Since 2007, I have held positions involving a full-time duty in conducting affairs at a large scale and/or managing academic activities. This leaves me little time for other professional activities.To speak frankly, whereas I try in this page to keep an updated description of the details of my activities, my mileage in personal research and teaching has drastically slowed down while my supervision, management, and governance duties are quickly filling up the void (and more than that)...

See below for detail of my activities in Research, education, evaluation, and various other responsibilities

Description of professional activities

Since 2007, my professional duties have definitely entered  the realm of management and governance of public research and higher education institutions.

Since June 2017: Vice-president of Université de Lorraine (~ 60,000 students) for European and International Strategy. Also Executive Officer of the Lorraine Université d'Excellence initiative.

From September 2012 to June 2017: Vice-president of Université de Lorraine for partnerships and international affairs. This means being in charge of defining and carrying the university's strategy for partnerships with society and  the economic world, and for European and international affairs. 

February 2007 to August 2012: director of Inria Nancy - Grand Est Research Center, which includes the following duties:

2007-2009: director of LORIA

2005-2006: member of the executive committee of Inria Lorraine and of LORIA, responsible for training through research and university matters.

2002-2007: head of the computer science department at École des Mines de Nancy

2002-2007: responsible for doctoral studies in computer science at the 3 Universities of Nancy and the University of Metz.

Publications list

Language abilities

Fluent in French, English, German, and Norwegian

Danish and Swedish understood but not spoken; Dutch partially understood but not spoken; Some knowledge of Spanish

K. Tombre