New Book : Implicit and Explicit Semantics Integration in Proof-Based Developments of Discrete Systems Communications of NII Shonan Meetings

Editors: Ait-Ameur, Yamine, Nakajima, Shin, Méry, Dominique (Eds.)


This book addresses mechanisms for reducing model heterogeneity induced by the absence of explicit semantics expression in the formal techniques used to specify design models. More precisely, it highlights the advances in handling both implicit and explicit semantics in formal system developments, and discusses different contributions expressing different views and perceptions on the implicit and explicit semantics.

The book is based on the discussions at the Shonan meeting on this topic held in 2016, and includes contributions from the participants summarising their perspectives on the problem and offering solutions. Divided into 5 parts: domain modelling, knowledge-based modelling, proof-based modelling, assurance cases, and refinement-based modelling, and offers inspiration for researchers and practitioners in the fields of formal methods, system and software engineering, domain knowledge modelling, requirement analysis, and explicit and implicit semantics of modelling languages.


The book is related to the  ANR Project IMPEX



Dominique Méry

Dominique Méry est professeur à l'Université de Lorraine affecté à Telecom Nancy et exerce sa recherche au sein du LORIA.