Missing Aseba Studio on Ubuntu 18.04

I am using Aseba Studio as development tool for the Thymios (personal French page | official English one) in several courses at master level.  I longed for Ubuntu 18.04 to come out, in order to replace this (%§$*!) buggy Ubuntu 16.04, but the aseba package provided in Ubuntu 18.04 has also a bug (cf Launchpad): several executables are missing, including those I need (Aseba Studio).

As some of my future students may also need it, I decided to solve this bug by compiling the whole package from the sources available on github. It was not easy as the contained file indicating how to compile forgot several needed package, and github provided a master archive with some empty directories. I reported the problem, found out how to compile, and sum up everything in an archive (19.4 Mo, TarBzip file) containing the 3 github archives (1.6.9 master + dashel + enki), a building script and a read-me, which makes the compilation quite straightforward. Feel free to use and give your feedback.

Edit: Thymio seems now (in September 2019) to provide a valid package (with 1.6.1 version) for Ubuntu 18.04 on its page. I still wait for my students to verify whether this package does work.