Pierre-Frederic Villard

Associate Professor in Computer Science at University of Lorraine, doing research at Inria and LORIA and teaching at IUT de Saint-Dié

Member of the Tangram Inria/LORIA Project Team

Dr Villard obtained a PhD in Computer Graphics from University Claude Bernard Lyon I in 2006. He worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Harvard Medical School in the Simulation Group, in the CIMIT laboratory, and in the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston (2006-2007) . He joined then Imperial College in the Department of Biosurgery and Surgical Technology research staff as a Research Associate (2007-2009). In 2009, he was recruited as a lecturer at Lorraine University. In 2013, he spent one month as an invited researcher in the Visualization and Medical Graphics group at the School of Computer Science, Bangor University (UK). Dr Villard was on a sabbatical funded by the CNRS (1 year) and Inria (6 months) at the Harvard Biorobotics Lab led by Professor Robert D. Howe at Harvard University, Cambridge (2014-2016). He is a Harvard Associate since 2014.

Since February 2017, he is the principal investigator of Inria associate research team CURATIVE .

Since June 2017, he is involved in the Swedish research council (VR) project INVIVE .

Since January 2021, he is WorkPackage leader in the ANR PreSPIN .

His main research interests are in medical visualization and simulation, augmented reality, and image-guided surgery. He especially focuses on Biomechanical Modeling, Virtual Reality in Medicine, Medical Image Processing, and Augmented Reality in Medicine.