Scientific Godfather of secondary school

Since 2019, I have been the science sponsor for the « Main à la Pâte » middle school of Champigneules in the topics of virtual and augmented reality. I give seminars to teachers, I give one lecture per year to the 5th grade students (available here) and I supervise master student projects in collaboration with the teachers of the college
to create applications in this theme. A test with students was reported in the press (link here). A page on the work can be found here.

Here is a twit about the inauguration:

Science cafés

I have been one of the guest speakers on the following science cafés:

  • « Should we be afraid of the augmented city ? » Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at Brasserie in the Bureau (Saint-Dié-des-Vosges). Topic: Overlay of 2D or 3D elements onto reality in real time. More information
  • « Does the mouse rule the world? » Friday, September 12, 2014, at the Pierre Noël Museum (Saint Dié des Vosges). Screening of the documentary film Codebreaker about Alan Turing as part of the Researcher’s Film Festival, followed by a debate about the film. More information
  • « Ecodesign and responsible digital practices » Thursday, March 9, 2023, at the amphitheater of IUT Saint-Dié (Saint Dié des Vosges). Debate about Digital Sobriety through the use of the Internet, smartphones, etc. Journal article.
    More information
  • « The other side of streaming » Thursday, April 13, 2023, at Inria Grand Est (Nancy). A session on the use of streaming aimed at opening up the debate and answering questions through an exchange and an open discussion for everyone.

Science Festival

Each year in October, a special day is dedicated to a science festival. Here is a list of activities presented to elementary, middle and high school students:

Presentation in high schools

The CHICHE program aim is to encourage students’ interest in digital science through meetings with scientists who can pedagogically and attractively illustrate research in this field and its impact on society. I have been involved since 2021. I talk about:

  • The work of a university professor
  • Some aspects of digital imaging related both to the high school curriculum and to my research
    • Virtual reality
    • Augmented reality
    • Image processing

Here are a few twits about my lectures:


  • Install Party organization (since 2021). Second and third-year students help first-year students install Linux and other tools necessary for their studies at the IUT. More information about the second edition. More information about the first edition
  • Workshop for high school teachers in computer science (since 2023). More and more systems are using artificial intelligence based on neural network learning (chatGPT, autonomous vehicles, voice assistants, etc.) So there’s a good chance that NSI students will face this problem in the future. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to program a person recognition application (Asterix or Obelix), from data acquisition to production in a web app, via the design of a neural network and its training. We will also discuss the ethical issues involved in using these technologies. More information
  • Tawashi sponges workshop (since 2022). Presentation on how to use all socks to manufacture Tawashi sponges using an algorithm written with pseudocode. More information
  • IUT open days. Since 2009, every year in February or April, the IUT has its open day. More information. Various student projects were presented during the time:


  • Punctual outreach activities:
    • Secondary school visit (2021), presentation of student project work. More information.
    • Welcome day for students from the Ecole des Mines (2020): Participation in a student welcome day with a presentation on deformation methods in medical applications.
    • Hosting a schoolgirl visit at the IUT to promote science (2013). It was with the association « Elles bougent » (http://www.ellesbougent.com/).
    • Participation in student forums (since 2009): I take part in a student forum about once a year (« Les Clefs de la Réussite », « Oriaction », etc).