ROOIBOS (2021–2025)

I am the scientific coordinator of the ANR JCJC ROOIBOS, on User-Specific Adaptation of Collaborative Robot Motion for Improved Ergonomics.


Collaborative robots have the potential to reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders not only by decreasing the workers’ physical load, but also by modifying and improving their postures. Imposing a sudden modification of one’s movement can however be detrimental to the acceptance and efficacy of the human-robot collaboration. In ROOIBOS, we will develop a framework to plan user-specific trajectories for collaborative robots, to gradually optimize the efficacy of the collaboration and the long-term occupational health of the user. We will use machine learning and probabilistic methods to perform user-specific prediction of whole-body movements. We will define dedicated metrics to evaluate the movement ergonomic performance and intuitiveness. We will integrate those elements in a digital human simulation to plan a progressive adaptation of the robot motion accounting for the user’s motor preferences. We will then use probabilistic decision-making to adapt the plan on-line to the user’s motor adaptation capabilities. This will enable a smooth deployment of collaborative robots at work.

Loria scientific team

  • Pauline Maurice (PI)
  • Vincent Thomas (researcher)
  • Francis Colas (researcher)
  • Aya Yaacoub (PhD student)
  • Jessica Colombel (Postdoc)
  • Aurélien Osswald (intern)
  • Anuyan Ithayakumar (intern)


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