Saturday, July 25th

09:00-09:30. Registration.

09:30-10:30. Invited talk: Makoto Kanazawa.
The convergence of well-nested mildly context-sensitive grammar formalism.

Coffee break

10:45-11:10. Tamar Aizikowitz and Michael Kaminski.
Linear Conjunctive Grammars and One-turn Synchronized Alternating Pushdown Automata. (pdf)

11:10-11:35. Denys Duchier, Jean-Philippe Prost and Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao.
A Model-Theoretic Framework for Grammaticality Judgements. (pdf)

11:35-12:00. Pierre Boullier and Benoît Sagot.
Multi-Component Tree Insertion Grammars. (pdf)


14:00-14:25. Lionel Clément, Kim Gerdes and Renaud Marlet.
A Grammar Correction Algorithm - Deep parsing and Minimal Corrections for a Grammar Checker. (pdf)

14:25-14:50. Laurence Danlos.
D-STAG: a Formalism for Discourse Analysis based on SDRT and using Synchronous TAG. (pdf)

14:50-15:15. Mehdi Manshadi, James Allen, and Mary Swift.
An Efficient Enumeration Algorithm for Underspecified Semantic Representations. (pdf)

15:15-15:40. Berthold Crysmann.
A unified account of Hausa genitive constructions. (pdf)

Coffee break

15:55-16:20.  Matthijs Melissen.
The Generative Capacity of the Lambek--Grishin Calculus: A New Lower Bound. (pdf)

16:20-16:45. Katarzyna Moroz.
A Savateev-style parsing algorithm for pregroup grammars. (pdf)

16:45-17:10. Timothy Fowler.
Term Graphs and the NP-completeness of the Product-Free Lambek Calculus. (pdf)

Sunday, July 26th

09:30-10:30. Invited talk: Greg Kobele
Ellipsis: linguistic, computational, and cognitive perspectives.

Coffee break

10:45-11:10. Wolfgang Maier and Timm Lichte.
Characterizing Discontinuity in Constituent Treebanks. (pdf)

11:10-11:35. Alexander Clark.
A learnable representation for syntax using residuated lattices. (pdf)

11:35-12:00. Dorota Glowacka, Louis Dorard, Alan Medlar, and John Shawe-Taylor
Prior Knowledge in Learning Finite Parameter Spaces. (pdf)