Benjamin Elie

I am a former Postdoctoral fellow at LORIA in Nancy, France, from 2014 to august 2017. As a member of the MULTISPEECH team, my research focuses on articulatory synthesis, namely human speech synthesis based on articulatory and acoustic models. I am now at the Laboratoire des Signaux et Systemes (L2S). From 2009 to 2012, I worked as a PhD student at LAUM, in Le Mans, France, where I defended in November 2012. My thesis, supervised by François Gautier and Bertrand David, is about mechanical and acoustic characterization of stringed musical instruments applied to lutherie assistance. A complete CV (French) is available, here.


Benjamin ELIE
Office C133
LORIA - UMR 7503
Campus scientifique 
BP 239
54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex
Tel:   +33-(0)3 83 59 30 36
email: benjamin.elie(at)

Research topics :

    - Mechanics/Acoustics:
        - String instruments acoustics
        - Speech synthesis using acoustic models
        - Physical modeling of trill consonants
    - Signal processing and inverse problems for phonetics:
        - Articulatory model
        - Acoustic-to-articulatory inversion
        - Compressed sensing for MRI speech reconstruction
        - Periodic/Aperiodic source decomposition of speech signals
    - Phonetics:
        - Strategies of production of fricatives


Papers published in international peer-reviewed journals

    [J1] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Simulating alveolar trills using a two-mass model of the tongue tip". J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 142(5), pp. 3245-3256 (2017). [.pdf]
    [J2] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Acoustic impact of the gradual glottal abduction degree on the production of fricatives: A numerical study". J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 142(3), pp. 1303-1317 (2017). [.pdf] [.bib]
    [J3] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Extension of the single-matrix formulation of the vocal tract: consideration of bilateral channels and connection of self-oscillating models of the vocal folds with a glottal chink". Speech Comm. 82, pp. 85-96 (2016). [.pdf] [.bib]
    [J4] Elie B., Gautier F., and David B. "Acoustic signature of violins based on bridge mobility measurements". J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 136(3), pp. 1385-1393 (2014). [.pdf] [.bib]
    [J5] Denis V., Gautier F., Pelat A., and Elie B. "Modal Overlap Factor of a beam with an Acoustic Black Hole termination". J. Sound Vib. 333(12), pp. 2475-2488 (2014). [link] [.bib]
    [J6] Elie B., Gautier F., and David B. "Estimation of mechanical properties of panels based on modal density and mean mobility measurements". Mech. Syst. Sig. Proc. 40, pp. 628-644 (2013). [.pdf] [.bib]
    [J7] Elie B., Gautier F., and David B. "Macro parameters describing the mechanical behavior of classical guitars". J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 132(6), pp. 4013-4024 (2012). [.pdf] [.bib]
    [J8] Daltrop S., Kotlicki A. Waltham C., Wolfe N., Gautier F., and Elie B. "Vibroacoustic characteristics of a Gothic Harp". J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 131(1), pp. 837-843 (2012). [link] [.bib]

Paper submitted in international peer-reviewed journals

    [JS1] Elie B., and Chardon G. "Glottal/Supraglottal Source Separation in Fricatives Based on Non-Stationnary Signal Subspace Estimation", submitted to IEEE Trans. on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, in april 2018. [link to the submitted version (HAL)]

Proceedings of international conferences

    [P1] Tsukanova A., Elie B., and Laprie Y "Articulatory Speech Synthesis from Static Context-Aware Articulatory Targets". The 11th International Seminar on Speech Production, Tianjin 2017.
    [P2] Laprie Y, Elie B., Vuissoz P.-A., and Tsukanova A., "Articulatory model of the epiglottis". The 11th International Seminar on Speech Production, Tianjin 2017.
    [P3] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Glottal opening and strategies of production of fricatives". Interspeech, Stockholm 2017. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P4] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Self-oscillating models of the tongue tip for simulating alveolar trills". 24th Intern. Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV), London 2017. [.pdf]
    [P5] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Copy-synthesis of running speech based on vocal tract imaging and audio recording". Intern. Congress on Acoustics (ICA), Buenos Aires 2016. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P6] Elie B., and Chardon G. "Robust tonal and noise separation in presence of colored noise, and application to voiced fricatives". Intern. Congress on Acoustics (ICA), Buenos Aires 2016. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P5] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Copy-synthesis of phrase-level utterances". EUSIPCO, Budapest 2016. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P7] Elie B., Laprie Y., Vuissoz P.-A., and Odille F. "High spatiotemporal cineMRI films using compressed sensing for acquiring articulatory data". EUSIPCO, Budapest 2016. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P8] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "A glottal chink model for the synthesis of voiced fricatives". ICASSP, Shanghai 2016. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P9] Laprie Y., Elie B., and Tsukanova A. "2D articulatory velum modeling applied to copy synthesis of sentences containing nasal phonemes. ICPhS, Glasgow 2015. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P10] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Audiovisual to area and length functions inversion of human vocal tract". EUSIPCO, Lisbon 2014. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P11] Laprie Y., Sock R., Vaxelaire B., and Elie B. "Comment faire parler les images aux rayons X du conduit vocal". Congrès mondial de Linguistique Française 2014, Berlin 2014. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P12] Elie B., Gautier F., and David B. "Analysis of bridge mobility of violins", Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference, pp 54-59, Stockholm 2013. [.pdf] [.bib]
    [P13] Denis V., Poittevin J., Pelat A., Elie B., and Gautier F. "Reflexion of flexural waves at the end of a tapered beam of quadratic profile covered with a thin viscoelastic layer", In Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Montreal 2013. [link] [.bib]
    [P14] Elie B., Gautier F., David B., and Curtit M. "Analysis of bridge admittance of plucked string instruments in the high frequency range". Forum Acusticum 2011, Aalborg 2011. [.pdf] [.bib

Proceedings of national conference

    [N1] Elie B., Laprie Y., and Vuissoz P.-A. "Acquisition temps-réel de données articulatoires par IRM: application à la synthèse par copie". Congrès Français d'Acoustique 2016, La Mans 2016. [.pdf]  
    [N2] Elie B., and Laprie Y. "Estimation de la longueur du conduit vocal pour l'inversion acoustique-articulatoire". Congrès Français d'Acoustique 2014, Poitiers 2014. [.pdf]

Oral communication with video support

    [O1] Elie B. "Articulatory synthesis of continuous speech : global approach and copy synthesis", IRCAM, december 2015. [link to the video][.pdf]
    [O2] Elie B. "Synthesis of running speech for studying the mechanisms of speech production: the case of fricatives", IRCAM, december 2017. [link to the video][.pdf]

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