Quelques mots sur l’équipe CAPSID – A few words about the CAPSID team

Je suis membre de l’équipe CAPSID , dirigée par Dave W. Ritchie, depuis sa création (1er janvier 2015).

I am member of the CAPSID team, lead by Dave W. Ritchie, since its creation (January 1st, 2015).

The CAPSID team conducts research in Computational Structural Biology along two synergistic axes :

a) development of algorithms to mine the « big data » of protein structures and protein-protein interactions (PPI);

b) development of algorithms which assist in modeling of large multimolecular assemblies, which are the biological
factories of the cell.

See activity report of the team here.


La recherche passionnément – Research passionately

My motivation consist in exploiting at best the fabulous amount of data contained in the numerous heterogeneous biological databases existing today. My favored application domain concerns human genes and their relations to rare and multifactorial diseases. I am also interested in various other domains in which protein-protein interactions play an important role.