Covid-19 research activity

Research on SARS-Cov-2 virus has grown exponentially in recent months. Although I was not able to redirect all my research activity on Covid-19, I was happy and honoured to contribute to several initiatives :

  • The Covid-19 disease map under the IFB and ELIXIR Interoperability Platform
  • Interfering with SARS-Cov-2 virus entry into the cell through inhibition of spike-ACE2 interaction (with Bernard Maigret and external collaborators)
  • Visualizing Covid-19 tests distribution using Sankey Diagrams (with Malika Smaïl-Tabbone and Salma Aziz)

Results of the last two projects will be available soon.

ECCB 2020 virtual conference

I was glad to attend virtual ECCB 2020 under the motto Planetary Health and Biodiversity from Aug 31st to Sep 8, 2020. Very interesting keynotes and presentations. The special issue will be delivered on October 21st, following OUP Bioinformatics schedule. Meanwhile, you can download the conference book with program and abstracts. We all hope that it will be possible to meet in 2022 in Sitges near Barcelona ! And before that, for the joint ISMB/ECCB conference in Lyon next year !

*ECCB is for European Conference on Computational Biology

Quelques mots sur l’équipe CAPSID – A few words about the CAPSID team

Je suis membre de l’équipe CAPSID , dirigée par Dave W. Ritchie, depuis sa création (1er janvier 2015).

I am member of the CAPSID team, lead by Dave W. Ritchie, since its creation (January 1st, 2015).

The CAPSID team conducts research in Computational Structural Biology along two synergistic axes :

a) development of algorithms to mine the « big data » of protein structures and protein-protein interactions (PPI);

b) development of algorithms which assist in modeling of large multimolecular assemblies, which are the biological
factories of the cell.

See activity report of the team here.