Refreshing course in Matrix Calculus

Exercise session built on top of first pages of course material on Linear Algebra by Zico Kolter (updated by Chuong Do).


Useful material and links

Formalismes et Représentations de Raisonnements

When in need of discussing mathematical arguments, it is crucial for people to understand
and agree upon what they are talking about. The aim of this course is to walk the students
through major mathematical logic formalisms. The course is organised in two parts: a first
part (re)introducing propositional logic and logical resolution through algorithms
(Shortest-Clause search, forward chaining, backward chaining), and a second part
presenting predicate logic along with proofs in natural deduction. The course contains
many exercise discussions during class time, so students get to master logical formula
transformations such as conversion in conjunctive normal form (CNF), substitution of
variables and unification of terms.

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Web Semantics



  • Homework assignment: due on May the 3rd, either to be handed in with the exam, or to be send by email to W. Babonnaud and M. Boritchev.

Useful links and readings

  • Logique et raisonnement, Michel Freund : une présentation très complète et synthétique de la logique mathématique, à destination des non-mathématiciens (in French)
  • An Introduction to Description Logic, textbook by Carsten Lutz, Franz Baader, Ian Horrocks, and Ulrike Sattler: contains exercises with solutions (be careful, notations might differ from the ones used in the course)
  • An example of an execution of the NextClosure algorithm: https://www.coursera.org/lecture/formal-concept-analysis/next-closure-through-an-example-k07N7