Information for students and interns

Welcome to the Centre Inria of the University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine has a team that helps foreign students settle in Nancy – whether they are interns, master’s students, PhD students, or postdocs. You can also get very useful information about housing, health insurance, and practical problems here => Welcome to the University of Lorraine.

Erasmus Student Network and Expats/International Groups in Nancy

Nancy is a University Town, and there’s plenty of international students. The ERASMUS network is probably the best place to start looking for expats and foreign friends. Here a few links.

Information for PhD students

Our doctoral school at the University of Lorraine is IAEM, and we are registered in the Computer Science section.
PhD students must register to the ADUM website, which keeps track of the formalities of the PhD registration from the beginning until the dissertation and final defense.

Residences for students

There are many residences for students, on the campus and in the city. Here is a non-exhaustive list (updated March 2024).

Important tips! I strongly advise students coming from abroad to take a place at one of those residences first, since they have many services (most importantly: internet!) included in the charges. Having internet access is fundamental when you arrive here because you will need to do a lot of things (buy a phone card, get insurance, open a bank account, etc.) and you can do most of them online. In the alternative, buy a good 4G phone card. You can find another place later once you are in Nancy, which is fine and may even be cheaper, but this requires being onsite to visit and especially getting help from a local (it can be me or someone in the lab) with the paper stuff you need to rent a room from the apartment owner. Beware of advertisements saying “just 5 minutes from Nancy” because here local people mostly travel by car and they mean “5-15 minutes by car from Nancy using the highway”! You can contact us by email to help you in judging if a place is easy to reach from the University campus or not, if it’s convenient for public transportation etc. Consider that nightlife is in the city center of Nancy (put a 1 km radius from Place Stanislas and you may have a good idea).

Phone cards providers

Moving around in the city

Your bus & tram annual card should be reimbursed by 50% with your contract — check with our assistant if this is the case with your contract. To come to the lab, the easiest way from the city center is the tram n.1 or the bus.  Otherwise, you can also come by bike. Many people come by bike — ask me if you want help in finding a good way to use bike lanes. You can buy a second-hand bike easily, use the City bikes from the Town of Nancy, or even rent a City Bike at the Nancy Town service (Maison du Velo).