ASMOA (2020-2021)


(DGA Rapid; 2020-2021)

“Asmoa” means “Intention” in the Basque dialect. This project is about intention prediction for exoskeleton control. The challenge is to detect the intention of movement of a user of exoskeletons for load handling, to optimize the exoskeleton control following the user’s intended movement, and to evaluate with an experimental campaign the effect of the intelligent controller on the user’s movement and performance. The project is a collaboration with an industrial company, Safran, and a SME, Kompai Robotics.

Our team

Serena Ivaldi, Francois Charpillet, Pauline Maurice

Open positions

We are recruiting one engineer for prediction of human intention in movements (profile: good coding skills in C++/python, strong background in machine learning, Gaussian processes) and one engineer for evaluation of the exoskeleton assistance with human studies (profile: good signal processing and analysis skills, good skills in biomechanics and human studies). Send me an email if interested.