Current projects

Past projects

  • HEAP (EU CHIST-ERA  – 2019-2022) (PI): machine learning techniques and human-in-the-loop  approach to grasp irregular objects in a heap
  • EXOTURN (Inria COVID-19 – 2020-2021) (co-coord): to provide exoskeletons for doctors engaged in the COVID-19 fight in the ICU
  • TELEMOVTOP (AMI Numerique Grand Est – 2020-2022) (PI): to apply our knowledge in teleoperation to robots for asbestos removal
  • The_Flying_Coworker (FR, ANR): collaboration between humans and flying robots with manipulators for objects handover
  • C-SHIFT (LUE – 2019-2022) (PI): to investigate adaptation with cobots and exoskeletons
  • ANDY (EU H2020 RIA – 2017-2020) (PI): collaboration between humans and humanoids, exoskeletons and cobots
  • ASMOA (DGA Rapid – 2020-2021): prediction and anticipatory control for exoskeletons
  • CODYCO (EU FP7 ICT STREP – 2013-2017) (PI): learning and control for physical human-robot interaction
  • EDHHI (ANR SMART – 2013-2014)
  • MACSI (ANR BLAN – 2011-2013)