PEPR O2R – AS3 (2024-2031)

PEPR O2R “Organic Robotics” – AS3 “Decision, Learning and Social Interaction”

(PEPR Exploratoire France 2030; 2024-2031)

The challenges of organic robotics are multifaceted and require a multidisciplinary approach to overcome. We identified 4 key challenges that will be the core scientific development of this project: anticipation/prediction, multimodality, learning/adaptation, and trust. Our approach to tackling these challenges is to address the scientific questions with co-supervised Ph.D. projects; all along the project, we will conduct a collegial, multidisciplinary effort in the investigation of human-robot interaction situations in the lab and in the field that highlight the human and societal aspects of these scientific questions. In the first part of the project, the consortium will focus on mobile manipulators, the type of platforms readily available in the PEPR O2R to conduct experiments. In the second part of the project, the consortium will expand their area of investigation towards wearable robots, in particular exoskeletons, which will be developed in the integration projects of O2R.

I am coordinating this project, which is a “structured action” (action structurée) in the PEPR “Organic Robotics”. The consortium includes 10 research laboratories and institutes, with multidisciplinary backgrounds in robotics and SHS. The project spans 8 years.

Our team

Serena Ivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Pauline Maurice, Enrico Mingo, Alain Dutech, Francois Charpillet, Olivier Rochel, Nicolas Beaufort