TELEMOVTOP (2020-2022)


(AMI Numérique Grand Est; 2020-2022, 18 months)

In this project we assist the company Iso-Top in the development of a construction robot for asbestos removal operations on roofs. The robot needs to be supervised and teleoperated by specialized workers, to ensure that the operations are executed in the right way. The remote supervision and teleoperation is aimed at reducing the exposure of workers to asbestos and the time of work in high grounds, which are major factors of risk of work-related diseases and accidents. We developed a human-machine interface, a digital twin of the prototype, and the software to control the first prototype, teleoperate it, and automate certain operations.

Our team

Serena Ivaldi, Edoardo Ghini (engineer)




  • Ivaldi, S.; Ghini, E. (2023) Teleoperating a robot for removing asbestos tiles on roofs: insights from a pilot study. IEEE ARSO 2023. (pdf)