I am currently in the LARSEN team in Inria Nancy / Loria.
Below the list of people that worked with me over the years on my projects.


  • Postdocs
    • Pauline Maurice (H2020 ANDY), 6/2017-..
      Topic: ergonomy in human-robot collaboration
  • PhD students
  • Visiting students
  • Engineers
    • Luigi Penco (H2020 ANDY), 04/2018-…
      Topic: iCub immersive tele-operation
  • Master / Internships
    • Vishnu Radhakrishnan (H2020 ANDY, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA), 09/2018-12/2018
      Topic: learning for ergonomic human-robot collaboration

Past (since 11.2014)

  • Postdocs
    • Jonathan Spitz (Lorraine project “LocoLearn”, with Jean-Baptiste Mouret), 1/2017-06/2018
      Topic: learning whole-body behaviors for iCub
      Went to Bosch research as engineer
  • PhD students
    • Oriane Dermy (Inria CORDI-S grant), 11/2015-12/2018
      Topic: prediction of intention in human-robot physical interaction and prediction of whole-body human movements
      Went to Loria as postdoc
    • Valerio Modugno (FP7 CODYCO, PhD student from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, with Giuseppe Oriolo), defended on 09/2017
      Topic: learning soft task priorities for the control of redundant robots
      Went to La Sapienza University as postdoc
  • Visiting students
    • Augusto Francisco (PhD student in Dresden University of Technology, with Jost Halfmann), 06/2018-12/2018
      Topic: ethnography and sociology study around iCub
    • Marie Charbonneau (PhD student in Italian Institute of Technology, with Daniele Pucci), 05/2018-12/2018
      Topic: learning to walk for iCub
    • Ludivine Alliene (PhD student in Université de Picardie Jules Vernes, with Estelle Ferrarese), 03/2017-03/2018
      Topic: social impact of human-robot interaction
    • Jamie Waugh (MITACS-Inria grant, University of Waterloo, Canada, with Dana Kulic), 09/2016-12/2016
      Topic: Online Learning of Gait Models for Fall Prediction
  • Master / Internships
    • Luigi Penco (H2020 ANDY, La Sapienza University of Rome), 10/2017-03/2018
      Topic: human-humanoid imitation with whole-body controllers
      Stayed in our team as Engineer in ANDY
    • Kazu Otani (H2020 ANDY, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, with Karim Bouyarmane), 05/2017-11/2017
      Topic: human-humanoid imitation with whole-body controllers
      Went to Shield AI as autonomy engineer
    • Waldez Azevedo Gomes Jr (H2020 ANDY, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 05/2017-11/2017
      Topic: adaptive role allocation in human-humanoid collaboration
      Stayed in our team as PhD student in ANDY
    • Maxime Chaveroche (H2020 ANDY, Master IPAC & Telecom Nancy, France, with Francis Colas), 03/2017-09/2017
      Topic: classification of human activity from wearable sensing
      Went to UTC for a PhD thesis
    • Ugo Chervet (FP7 CODYCO, IFMA Clermont-Ferrand, France), 03/2016-09/2016
      Topic: learning multi-task priorities for iCub
      Went to ALTEN as Engineer
    • Anthony Voilqué (FP7 CODYCO, IFMA Clermont-Ferrand, France), 03/2016-09/2016
      Topic: physical human-robot interaction for cooperative assembly with iCub
      Went to PSA for an industrial PhD (CIFRE)
    • Adrien Malaisé (Inria grant, Master MSCA Université de Lorraine & UPMC, France), 02/2016-08/2016
      Topic: acceptance and user study of a robotic arm programmed by non-experts
      Stayed in our team as PhD student in ANDY
    • Sebastian Marichal (Inria international grant, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain), 09/2015-02/2016
      Topic: intuitive interfaces for programming robotic arms by non-experts
      Went to University Pompeu Fabra for a PhD thesis