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From humanoids to exoskeletons: assisting and collaborating with humansKeynote at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2023

Learning and Prediction For Human-Humanoid CollaborationKeynote at HFR 2019 (12th Human-Friendly Robotics).

Plenary lecture at Journée FéDéV 2021 – Université Paris Saclay (June 2021)

Invited talks in Workshops:

Improving ergonomics with humanoid technologies and exoskeletons – IROS 2023 Workshop on Geriatronics: AI and Robotics for Health & Well-Being in Older Age

Anticipatory control: using prediction of intended movement for control – IROS 2023 Workshop on Reactive and Predictive Humanoid Whole-body Control

Adaptation in human-robot collaboration – IROS 2023 6th Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration: Harnessing Advancements in Robot Learning

ICRA 2022 Workshop on Legged Robots

Using machine learning to optimize whole-body teleoperation of humanoid robotsHRI @ LIRMM 2021 – Workshop on “AI for improving machine interactions with humans and the environment”

HUMANOIDS 2020 Workshop Towards Physical-social human-robot interaction

HUMANOIDS 2020 Workshop on Talos

IROS 2021 Workshop on Human-like Behavior and Cognition in Robots

Collaborative robot technologies: lessons learned from using wearable sensors for ergonomy, tele-operation and exoskeleton validation. – Journée Perception et Interaction Homme-Robot du GT5 Interaction Personnes/Systèmes robotiques du GDR Robotique

RSS 2020 Workshop Towards Practical Service Robots – Lessons learned in Human-Robot Collaboration

Robotics technologies to improve ergonomicsIROS 2020 Workshop on Ergonomic Human-Robot Collaboration

Teleoperation for Human-humanoid Collaboration HUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop on Humanoid Teleoperation.

Social and physical interaction with a humanoid: lessons learned with the iCubHUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop “Can we build Baymax?”

Prediction and Learning for Human-humanoid Collaboration – HUMANOIDS 2019 Workshop on Challenges and solutions for HRI and collaboration.

Anticipation:how should a cognitive architecture effect prospective (inter)action? IROS 2019 Cutting Edge Forum on Cognitive architecture for humanoids: where are we in our quest to achieve human-level AI in robotics?

Improving the ergonomics in human-robot collaboration with predictive models – IROS 2019 Workshop on Progress in Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration.

Improving grasping and manipulation by exploiting uncertainty and human interactionRSS 2019 Workshop on Task-Informed Grasping

Learning objects by autonomous exploration and human interactionIROS 2019 Workshop on Open-Ended Learning for Object Perception and Grasping: Current Successes and Future Challenges

Human-Humanoid InteractionHLR 2016 – Human-Legged Robotics

Exploiting tactile information for whole-body dynamics, learning and human-robot interactionHUMANOIDS 2016 Workshop on Tactile Sensing for Manipulation

Invited seminars:

Human-robot collaboration technologies applied in real uses cases:some lessons learned – Oberseminar in KIT, Karlsruhe, Sept. 2020

Collaborative robotics technologies: lessons learned using wearable sensors for ergonomics, exoskeletons and tele-operationSeminar Series on Cognitive Robotics, organised by the CRISP Team at QMUL (Queen Mary University of London), March 2021.

Seminar at GV Lab at University of Tokyo, 2021.

Fête de la Science / Science festival :

Cobots: ces précieux collaborateurs (in French) – Fête de la Science (Science Festival), Oct. 2020

IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference 2021:

From humanoid robotics to exoskeletons for helping the medical staff in the ICU during COVID-19 – Talk at IEEE WIE ILC 2021, Video on

Other (panels,…):